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Eureka Springs Mardi Gras Parades

Welcome to the vibrant celebration of Mardi Gras in Eureka Springs – a spectacle of colors, music, and revelry that transforms the quaint town into a lively carnival. Embrace the spirit of this iconic festival with two unforgettable parades that promise to dazzle and delight – the Night Parade and the Grand Day Parade.

Nigth Parade – Spectacle of Lights:

Kickstarting the Eureka Springs Mardi Gras festivities, the Night Parade is a magical experience that unfolds TWO Saturdays Prior to Fat Tuesday. As the sun sets, the streets come alive with a procession of illuminated floats, adorned with glittering lights and vibrant decorations. The enchanting atmosphere is further enhanced by the sounds of lively music, with marching bands and performers adding to the rhythmic heartbeat of the celebration. Spectators line the streets, catching beads and trinkets thrown from the floats, creating an interactive and engaging experience for everyone.

Day Parade – The Grand Finale:

The pinnacle of Eureka Springs’ Mardi Gras celebration is the Grand Day Parade, a spectacular event held on the Saturday just before Fat Tuesday. This is the largest parade during the festival, drawing locals and visitors alike to witness the town bursting with energy and colors. Get ready for a vibrant visual display of floats, costumed marchers, and community groups!

The Grand Day Parade is a celebration of diversity and creativity, featuring a kaleidoscope of colors and themes. From traditional Mardi Gras masks to whimsical themed costumes, the parade reflects the spirit of joy and unity that defines this festive occasion. Expect to be swept away by the infectious rhythm of the music, adding a lively backdrop of sound to the action unfolding before your eyes.

Join the crowds as they cheer, dance, and revel in the Carnival spirit. Bring your family and friends to experience the magic of Mardi Gras in Eureka Springs.

Mark your calendar, plan your trip, and get ready to be part of the excitement. The Mardi Gras parades in Eureka Springs are a celebration of life, love, and community – an experience you won’t want to miss!

Join the Parade:

Be in the parade!! Please celebrate with us by building a float, carrying a banner, decorate your boat, or join in our Second Line!

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About Eureka Springs Mardi Gras

Eureka Springs Mardi Gras is put on by the various Mardi Gras Krewes of Eureka Springs. A Krewe is a group or organization that hosts a Mardi Gras ball, rides on a parade float and/or participates in social events throughout the year; Krewes are plentiful in Louisiana; in Eureka Springs the Krewes are unique.

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